Pastor Penuel Tshepo Makes Congregation Eat Hair

In case you don’t know this pastor Penuel Tshepo,  he is a popular South African pastor that made
news after he ordered his female church members to go nude and went ahead to
step on their bodies all in the name of deliverance.

Even after that, the pastor later said he asked the spirit of
snake to enter into the souls of his congregation so that any member of
the church who is being possessed of this spirit will bring his or her tongue
out like snakes, crawling and be eating sand.
At what point does the right of your pastor/cleric over your
life end? That is another topic for another day

So the news this time around is that he forced his church members
to eat hair, cloth and different things. He claimed that he can pray for
anything to turn to food and he prayed for hair and changed it to food, he
called the congregation to come and eat. He even prayed for a woman’s hair and
told the woman that what is on her head is no longer hair but food and so the congregation
was then hustling to at the woman’s hair. They ate it and said it tasted like
macaroni. He even made them eat things like paper. 

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