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A group of
teenage  have invented a condom capable
of changing colour when it comes into contact with STIs.
The condom
has a built-in indicator that alters its colour depending on what infection it
picks up. It was revealed at the TeenTech Awards in London where it won the
health category.

The condom
is called the S.T.EYE, the project was the creation of Daanyaal Ali, 14, Muaz
Nawaz, 13 and Chirag Shah, 14.
created the S.T.EYE as a new way for STI detection to help the future of the
next generation,” said Daanyaal Ali, 14 from Isaan Newton Academy in
wanted to make something that make detecting harmful STIs safer than ever
before, so that people can take immediate action in the privacy of their own
homes without the invasive procedures at the doctors.
made sure we’re able to give peace of mind to users and make sure people can be
even more responsible than ever before.”  Oh.
This is a very good idea and will solve some
sex related issues but imagine someone already getting into the heat of it and
the partner says “hold on! It’s been 2 minutes already, I want to see if it
changed color!” Wahala  go dey oh.

Mystreetz magazine has become therough draft of the Nigerian music history (a story of what was, is or to come).On our investigative journey, the exploit of Chidinma has interestingly cut our eyes.And according to Sesan Adeniji,the publisher of Mystreetz magazine; My belief about Chidinma’s growth and success is that she is indirectly sharing the same mindset with Sheryl Sandberg , one of the most powerful women in America right now; the co-pilot of the biggest network of humans the world has ever seen which is the chief operating officer of Facebook,

Sheryl Sandberg in her latest book titled Lean In, a memoir-slash- ‘sort of feminist manifesto’ in which she encourages women to pursue their carrier with more rigor. According to this woman who runs a 66 million dollar tech company and sees it as not much of a

challenge, Sandberg’s thesis is unique. Stripped of many caveat, it boils down
to this, like she puts it


‘the sisters are doing some of itto themselves. For a variety of reasons, they are not aiming high enough.They’re underestimating their abilities. They’re doing too much housework andchild care, They’re compromising their career goals for partners and children-

in her words. Such feminist manifesto which drove female
artistes such as Onyeka Onwenu, Funmi Adams, Stella Monye to mention a few to
great height, also drives Chidinma to achieve all the once unattainable things
she now poses. This is why we are asking the question, CAN YOU CHALLENGE
This eleventh edition is a must
read. Out soon.
Photograh by August Udoh. Make up
by Eva Alordiah for Makeup by Orsela. Stylist- Jane Michael.
click the link to see the making of
the cover
Burna Boy has come a long way and looks gangstar on the cover of MyStreetz Magazine. Publisher of MyStreetz Magazine Sesan Adeniji says
This edition is about celebrating what is fresh. In a world filled with sameness and bandwagons, what separates an achiever from the crowd is how often he can look outside the box to conjure what the world is yet to see, this is what Burna Boy Represents. He has had the most intriguing story in the Nigerian music circle in the past month

The magazine will be out by the end of January. Look out for it.


ARISE Magazine starts 2013 with an exclusive interview with Hollywood beauty, Kerry Washington, the star of the latest blockbuster, ”Django Unchained”.Hollywood leading lady Kerry Washington is the face of
the first ARISE magazine in 2013. In an exclusive interview, the star of
Quentin Tarantino’s slavery-era drama Django Unchained reveals the
emotional experience of filming Django, how she got the Ugandan accent
down for The Last King Of Scotland and what it was like to get a second
series of Scandal and retain her title as the only African-American
female in a lead TV role
The magazine also features Trey Songz, Kofi Annan, Talib Kweli and more.

The magazine is out in shops now.