1 RihannaRihanna short hair-shaidysworldShe is the queen of Short hair, because she simply rocks short haircuts of any kind, shape, and color. If you are brave like she is, try going short and among that also dye your hair. All of a sudden you will be the center of attention. Short hair on Rihanna is always cool, sexy and absolutly gorgeous.
2. Anne HathawayAnne hathaway-shaidysworldAnne is another pretty lady that had long, and we mean really long hair for quite some time. She was a stunning girl then, but short hair made her much more gown-up like, a true lady, and this is another way short haircuts work on girls. So if you want to look more sophisticated, and you think your long hair gets in the way of it, find a great hairdresser and just go short.
3. Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus short hair-shaidysworldShort hair can not only be cute, but more often we go short to appear edgier. Just look at Cyrus for example, she was such a cute girl with her long curls, and then she cut them. Well, her new look sure made her more, well notorious, and along with her behavior her hair really changed her completely. A beauty like Miley can shine with both, long and short haircuts.
4. Emma WatsonEmma Watson short hair-shaidysworldIf you are one of those girls, who every now and then think how amazing it would be to have short hair? Just imagine how quickly you would wash and dry it, well, this most certainly is something to consider. Watson for example went from long to short overnight and shocked her fans big time. However, when we all saw the result we could not be happier; she sure made short haircuts much more popular. With that kind of haircut and her amazing face, and flawless skin attract even more looks that it did before.
5. Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman short hair-shaidysworldShe is believed to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and part of that reputation was built because of her amazing short haircuts. The truth is you can hide some imperfections behind longer hair, and also look more feminine, but if you go short it become much harder to look great. So women like Portman are really truly beautiful, and they can work both long and short haircuts.

If you start seeing globs of hair in the shower drain, it’s easy to get freaked out. After all, hair can be an important part of a woman’s identity, and hair loss is typically seen as a man’s problem. The truth is, women make up about 40% of ladies suffering from unwanted shedding, and 50% of all women experience female pattern hair loss (yes, that exists) by age 50. So it’s a big myth that hair loss is a man’s problem.

Read on for five more truths about your tresses…

Our hair has to be one of the most essential things in a woman’s look. Have you noticed that whenever we have a bad hair day, the rest of the day is totally ruined? That’s because the hair plays an important role in the way we look everyday. There are so many hairstyles on this earth that leaves us clueless as to what next to do to our hair. Remember the struggles whenever its getting to that time when you have to take your hair out and you are not sure about the next hair you want. Well, this article will guide you to the trending hairstyles this season that will give you that ‘cheeky’ look.