Having dark knuckles is a common beauty related issue which can have several reasons like working with harsh chemicals, lack of skin care, prolong sun exposure, low haemoglobin etc.
Knuckles are the area that is exposed to vigorous friction, thanks to the extreme use that we put it through.
The main reason behind dark knuckles is the melanin that forms in the body which causes hyper pigmentation. The reason for melanin formation is over exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays. The dead cells also accumulate in the body and causes darkening of knuckles. Keeping our hands well groomed and younger-looking does not take much time or money.

Below Are 6 Tips That Will Help You Lighten Your Dark Knuckles
A mixture of honey and lemon juice can work like a magic to lighten your discoloured finger joints. You just need to rub the mixture onto the problem areas for almost ten minutes daily to see improvement in the dark skin.

Apply powdered oatmeal mixed with sour yoghurt and cucumber juice on dull areas to brighten the skin. The mixture needs to be applied and left on for half an hour before you rinse it off with cold water.

Mix sugar and lemon juice and apply this on your fingers and scrub it in circular motion for around five to ten minutes. This has to be carried out regularly for a few days to achieve the desired result. You can also try cutting a lemon into half and rubbing it over the skin for some time prior to bath. This also ensures whitening the skin.

Blend together a few grounded almonds and some yogurt and whisk well. Use this mixture after scrubbing your hands well with an exfoliator. Apply this mixture on damp skin and then rub intensely, paying extra attention on the knuckles, for about 10-15 minutes. Then, wait for few minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Papaya is a natural tanning cleanser; rub a piece of papaya or apply its pulp over your hands and wait for few minutes before washing it off with normal water.

Almond oil is really good for skin. The oil can be massaged on the knuckles and left for ten minutes. If done regularly this will help in reducing the pigmentation and make the knuckles lighter.

The teeth are the hardest substances in the human body. Besides being essential for chewing, the teeth play an important role in speech. As important as the teeth is to the mouth and body as a whole, there has been increasing worry over the health of the teeth. One of the major concerns of the teeth is the colour.

People with the yellow teeth constantly seek ways and methods to whiten the teeth but before this can be decided we have to know why they get yellow in the first place.

There are several factors that play a part, including genetics, what kind of food and drink you consume, and how well you practice oral hygiene.

A tooth is made up of 4 tissues;

Enamel: The hardest, white outer part of the tooth. Enamel is mostly made of calcium phosphate, a rock-hard mineral.

Dentin: A layer underlying the enamel. Dentin is made of living cells, which secrete a hard mineral substance.

Pulp: The softer, living inner structure of teeth. Blood vessels and nerves run through the pulp of the teeth.

Cementum: A layer of connective tissue that binds the roots of the teeth firmly to the gums and jawbone.

The enamel and dentin is what play the biggest role in colour. Certain food and drinks will directly stain the enamel, yes, but over time the two biggest culprits are the nasty food and drink that actually break down the enamel, and weakening enamel as we age. As the enamel breaks down, it reveals the yellow dentin underneath.

Below are 3 natural remedy for a yellow teeth. These remedies will focus on whitening teeth that have already lost some white enamel.

1. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice Paste

Baking Soda, (Sodium bicarbonate) is mildly abrasive; gently scrubbing away surface stains to return teeth to a whiter shade. It’s also very alkaline so I would think if you have a very acidic mouth or eat a lot of acidic food, it could help balance out the Ph, which would be useful as acid breaks down enamel-this is strictly speculation on my part.

What you need

Teaspoonsful of baking soda
Lemon juice or water to form a paste
A toothbrush/ Cotton wool
How it works

Mix several teaspoons of baking soda with enough fresh lemon juice (or water) to make a paste. Wipe your teeth and any extra saliva off of them with a paper towel. Put a good amount of paste onto your toothbrush and apply. Leave the paste on for 1 minute, then rinse, so as to avoid the acid effecting enamel. If you are using just water you can leave it on for up to 3 minutes.

2. Strawberry, Salt and Baking Soda Scrub

Strawberries are high in Vitamin C, which can help break-down plaque that is causing your teeth to look yellow. It also has an enzyme called malic acid, which may help to remove surface stains. The salt acts as an abrasive portion of the paste, physically scrubbing away stain-causing gunk, and the baking soda is an extra touch that you can choose to leave out if you’d prefer (I just like to add it to anything involving my teeth.)

What you need

1-3 large strawberries
A pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
How it works

Mash the berries into a pulp, and add a pinch of sea salt and ½ teaspoon of baking soda, if you’re using it. Wipe any extra saliva off your teeth with a paper towel, and then apply a generous portion of the mixture to a toothbrush and apply. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes, then rinse. Do this nightly.

3. Coconut Oil Rinse

I know  It doesn’t sound like the most pleasant thing to do, but it actually does work if you don’t mind the taste, and  it make a difference in the color of your teeth. The lauric acid in coconut oil can rid your teeth of bacteria found in plaque that can make them yellow. It is also supposed to promote gum health, and help keep your breath fresh.

What you need

A tablespoon of coconut oil
How it works

In the morning, before you brush your teeth, take a tablespoonful of coconut oil. Push, swish, and “pull” the oil through and around your teeth for 10-15 minutes, then spit it out, rinse with water, and brush your teeth

Wrinkles are a part of aging and life. While we know to expect wrinkles as we get older, some of the battle has nothing to do with age. Your beauty routines and habits can impact it as well. See the bad habits that affect your skin’s aging process so you can cut them out.

1. Smoking
Smoking is the most common cause of wrinkles. So skip cigarettes and lose the wrinkles.

2. Your Diet
If you want to keep your skin healthy and young, the old saying that you are what you eat is definitely true. Eating too much sugar and high-glycemic foods doesn’t just impact your weight, it could make you look older too.

Refined sugar and other simple carbohydrates also trigger inflammation throughout the body by causing insulin levels to skyrocket.

Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, which leads to sagging and wrinkles. So cut down on refined sugar and simple carbohydrates. Your skin will thank you!

3. Drinking
All alcohol dehydrates the skin, this means your skin will appear less plump and fresh the morning after you drink alcohol. Over time, your skin will lose elasticity and form wrinkles due to a lack of hydration.

4. Chewing Gum
Gum chewing produces a type of wrinkle that I see quite often on the lower mouth.  Additionally, it causes other issues in the mouth structure. This is an easy habit to give up in the name of preserving your skin.

5. Not Removing Makeup
When you sleep in your makeup, you’re basically asking for wrinkles. The makeup and environmental pollutants you accumulate during the day seep into your pores, breaking down collagen and elastin. This can speed up the aging process and leave you with fine lines and wrinkles. Cleanse and moisturize your skin every night before bed.

6. Picking
Stop picking at pesky zits and let them come out on their own or use natural products to help eliminate them. Any time you pick or pull at your skin, you’re causing damage and creating irritation, scars, and yes, even wrinkles.

7. Stretching Your Skin to Apply Makeup
This practice creates wrinkles and is generally frowned upon in the makeup world. It’s about moving your whole face when you’re applying makeup, not stretching it so it’s flat.

18 years old Kylie Jenner unveiled her Lip Kit yesterday 30th Nov, and it sold out in less than 2 minute. The lip kit site went live at 12pm EST and immediately told fans the kits were sold out, Eager fans desperate to replicate her pout flocked to the site, in order to get their hands on the $29 Lip Kit and the rush resulted in her website crashing.Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner-shaidysworldAround 12:30pm, Kylie wrote on her Instagram: “So the Internet has been broken lol. But everybody stand by. There are so many people on the site right now we are having some tech issues! We are working on it.” Many were met with an Error message or told their carts were empty despite having added the item.kylie Jenner Lip kit-shaidysworld

Fans took to Twitter to complain about her site being down, prompting Kylie to respond: ‘Nobody be upset! There’s so many people trying to buy at once so there are some tech issues.’Kylie jenner lip kit-shaidysworld
She added in a subsequent tweet: ‘Everybody stand by and keep trying! We r [sic] working on it.’
But Kylie’s tweets did little to quell her fans, who were eager to buy the Lip Kit that was two years in the making.

Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner-shaidysworld‘I typed my credit card info and it kept saying error, stupid because the items where in my cart too… so annoyed tbh,’ said one user, who went on to complain about Kylie’s lack of apology for the site’s problems.

‘I think more should be added to say “sorry” for these “tech issues” like people like me who had the items in cart,’ she added.
Many other fans said they were not purchasing because of the Lip Kit’s price, which was $37 in total when combined with shipping charges.

Well Lets just say Kylie Jenner underestimated her own popularity.

Thick eyebrows have always been in demand. Thick Well-shaped eyebrows can enhance your look, while thin and sparse eyebrows can make you look older and dull.
Over plucking, threading or waxing has made many people end up with eyebrows that are too thin, Sometimes. Thin eyebrows occur as a result of the aging process, nutritional deficiencies, poor cosmetic application or medical conditions like hypothyroidism, eczema and alopecia areata.


If your eyebrows are too thin, you can easily solve this problem with the help of some natural home remedies.

1. Egg Yolk
Eyebrows remedy-shaidysworld The hair of the eyebrows is made up of keratin protein, and egg is a great source of protein. it can help improve the health of your hair, which in turn will make your eyebrows thick.
How to use;
– Break 1 egg and separate the yolk from the white part.
– Beat the yolk until you get a thick, creamy consistency.
– Apply it on each of your brows with a cotton swab.
– Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
– Use this protein treatment once or twice a week until you are satisfied with the result.

2. Castor Oil
Eyebrows remedy-shaidysworldCastor oil is one of the most effective remedies to boost the growth of your eyebrows. It contains protein, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish the hair follicles and promote hair growth. Plus, it is helpful in resisting any microorganisms that hamper eyebrow hair growth.
How to Use;
– Soak a cotton swab in pure castor oil and apply it on each eyebrow.
– Massage gently with your fingertips for 2 to 3 minutes.
– Leave it on for at least 30 minutes or overnight.
– Wash it off with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser.
– Repeat once daily for a few weeks until you notice improvement.

Note: Stop using castor oil if it causes any irritation or burning.

3. Olive Oil

eyebrows remedy-shaidysworldOlive oil is also good for your eyebrows. Being rich in vitamin E, olive oil can help your eyebrow hair grow faster and thicker. It will also help keep it dark-hued.
How to use;
– Massage your eyebrows with warm olive oil for 5 minutes before going to bed. Leave it on overnight, then rinse it off with warm water the next morning.
– Alternatively, prepare a mixture with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of honey. Apply it on your eyebrows and massage for a few minutes. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

4. Coconut Oil
eyebrows remedy-shaidysworldTo enjoy dense and impressive eyebrows, you can use coconut oil. The various proteins as well as nutrients like vitamin E and iron in coconut oil promote healthy and thick eyebrows. It can also help make your eyebrows darker.
How to Use;
– Put a few drops of warm coconut oil on your fingertips and apply it on your eyebrows.
– Massage gently for a few minutes to boost blood circulation.
– Leave it on overnight.
– The next morning, rinse it off with warm water.
– Do this daily for 1 to 2 months to notice changes in the thickness of your eyebrows.

5. Onion Juice

eyebrows remedy-shaidysworldOnion juice also aids faster and denser growth of eyebrow hair. The juice has sulfur that improves the production of collagen tissues required for proper eyebrow growth. Also, it strengthens the hair follicles.
How to use;
– Grind 1 small onion and extract the juice.
– Massage this juice into the eyebrows for about 5 minutes.
– Allow it to dry on its own and then wash it off with a mild cleanser and cold water.

6. Aloe Vera
eyebrows remedy-shaidysworldAloe vera has enzymes and moisturizing properties that nourish hair follicles and make your eyebrows grow faster and thicker. It can even make the skin near your eyebrows very soft.
How to Use;
– Extract the gel from an aloe vera leaf. Gently massage it over your eyebrows. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.
– Another option is to prepare a paste with 1/2 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and a little honey or coconut oil. Apply it to your eyebrows. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

7. Lemon
eyebrows-shaidysworldLemon can also be useful for enhancing your beauty by making your eyebrows grow thicker. Being rich in vitamins C and B, folic acid and other nutrients, lemon can promote the growth of eyebrow hair.
How to Use;
– Simply rub a slice of lemon over your eyebrows. Leave the juice on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.
– Alternatively, put the sliced peels of 1 lemon into 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Allow the solution to sit for at least 15 days in a cool, dry place. Once ready, apply it on your eyebrows using a cotton ball every night before going to bed. Wash it off the next morning.

8. Milk
eyebrows remey-shaidysworldYou can also use milk to grow your eyebrows thicker. Milk contains protein as well as other nutrients that nourish hair roots and improve hair growth.
How to use;
– Put a small amount of whole milk in a bowl.
– Dip a cotton ball into it and gently rub it on your eyebrows.
– Allow it to dry on its own and then rinse it off with warm water.
Follow this remedy whenever possible to get the desired result.
Note 1; Follow either of these remedies once daily to enhance your eyebrows.
Note 2; A good diet is essential to enjoy thick eyebrows. It will give your body the nutrients required for faster hair growth.

Is your skin is flaky, itchy, dry, wrinkles and you want fast relief. Easing your dry skin isn’t just about what you put on it, It also depends on how you clean your skin, the air around you, and even your clothes, it is also important to mention that even if you don’t have a dry skin naturally, it can still become dry when you expose your skin to extreme weather or using the wrong body lotion.

5 tips to try that really works for variety of people to keep your skin silky smooth all year-round
1. Use Warm Water To Bath, No Hot.
A steamy shower feels good, but that hot water is not a good idea for your dry skin, The problem is that hot showers strip your body of its natural oil barrier, and you need that barrier to help trap moisture and keep your skin smooth and moist.
So dial down the temperature and don’t linger too long. Skin care experts recommend short, warm showers or baths that last no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Afterward, gently pat dry and moisturize your body.

2. Cleanse Your Skin Gently.
Wash with a soapless cleanser when you shower. Cambio says gentle soaps that are free of fragrance are a great option. Products with deodorant or antibacterial additives can be harsh on skin.
You might also consider a cleanser that contains ceramides, says dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, MD. Ceramides are fatty molecules that make up the outer barrier of your skin. They help skin hold in moisture. Some skin care products use synthetic ceramides to replace those we lose with age.
Go easy on toners, peels, and other astringents made with alcohol, which is drying. When you exfoliate, don’t scrub too much or too hard, Jacob says. It can irritate and thicken skin.

3. Shave Your Unwanted Hair Off Smartly.
Shaving can irritate dry skin. As you shave unwanted hair, you’re also scraping off natural oils.
The best time to shave is after you shower, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Hairs are softer and more pliable after bathing, making shaving easier.
Always use a shaving cream or gel, and shave in the direction the hair is growing to protect your skin.
Make sure the razor is sharp. A dull razor blade can cause additional irritation. Change your razor blades often. If you are using a blade you’ve used before, soak it in rubbing alcohol to clean it.

4. Cover Up.
Sun damage is one of the main causes behind dry skin, wrinkles, and roughness. You can help prevent that damage by wearing a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen year-round and dressing right.
In cool weather, Cambio says, be sure to “dress in layers to prevent overheating and perspiring excessively; both can irritate the skin.”
To prevent dry, chapped lips in winter, use a lip balm, and cover your lips with a scarf or a hat with a mask. In summer, wear light, loose, long-sleeved shirts when out in the sun, and wear a 2-inch wide-brimmed hat to shade your neck, ears, and eyes.

5. Follow the Rules of Moisturizing.
The simplest moisturizing products can soothe dry skin. “Petroleum jelly makes a great moisturizer,” dermatologist, says. Or you can use mineral oil, a favorite cream, or lotion.
If you like a very rich moisturizer, look for one with shea butter, ceramides, stearic acid, or glycerin, Leslie Baumann, MD, director of the Cosmetic Medicine and Research Institute at the University of Miami, says. “All are rich moisturizers that will help you replenish your skin barrier,” Baumann writes in her online article Winter Skin, where she also says she particularly loves glycerin.
whichever product you choose, a consistent, smart moisturizing routine helps.
Wash with a non-soap liquid cleanser, preferably one with ceramides to replenish the skin’s outer layer.
Pat skin dry for less than 20 seconds. Apply a thick moisturizer to slightly damp skin within minutes of bathing to trap in moisture.
Moisturize your hands every time you wash them so that evaporating water doesn’t draw even more moisture from your dry skin. Finally, look for a cream with sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to get the added benefit of sun protection. You can find moisturizing sunscreens as ointments, creams, gels, even sprays.

A vagina is an essential part of any woman, for natural biological reasons and for *coughs* reasons (I’m sure you know what the cough implies) so, find out what you should eat in order to keep that crucial part of your body/life happy. It is very important to keep awoman’s private part healthy, as any infection, no matter how inconsequential it seems,could cause infertility and lead to other health complications like cervical cancer.

Ways in which the vagina is kept healthy and happy include cleaning with just water, and no douching involved.

Also, what we eat affects the PH balance down there, the following are some of the right foods you need for your lady parts.

SWEET POTATOESSweet potato -shaidysworld These contain vitamin A which keep your vaginal walls strong and healthy.

ALMONDSAlmond - shaidysworld Not only do these contain protein and provide you with protein and energy for a great sex session, they also contain zinc, which can keep your periodnormal.

GARLICGarlic-shaidysworld These are great for your vagina because they have antibacte rial properties and can fight yeast infections.

AVOCADOSavocado-shaidysworld In order to keep your vagina walls strong, nice and moist, eat avocados as they contain healthy fats and omegas.

CITRUS AND TROPICAL FRUITCitrus and Tropical-shaidysworld These include oranges, guava, and papaya. All of the above have loads of Vitamin C, which is extremely good for your lady parts.

GREEN BELL PEPPERGREEN BELL PEPPER-Shaidysworld Surprisingly, these contain lots of Vitamin C, which we earlier mentioned is really good for you.

BANANASbanana-shaidysworld Not only do these serve as a mood enhancer, it is also full ofmagnesium, which experts say boosts your libido and releases happy chemicals.


Dark Chocolate-shaidysworld

While this helps women with their sex drive, it also helps in preventing vaginal infections due to the antioxidants found in it.

Let’s get up close and personal with the truth about beauty products. It is very true we have all fallen victims to pointless beauty products because we want to look beautiful, so most times we buy things we don’t need or that even cause more harm than good (not trying to bring down any product) However, the cost and result we get from these products are not worth it.
Next time you go shopping, refrain from these needless beauty items.

Feeling sluggish? Ditching these bad habits that drain your energy will help. Lack of sleep isn’t the only thing sapping your energy. Little things you do (and don’t do) can exhaust you both mentally and physically, which can make getting through your day a chore. Here, experts reveal common bad habits that can make you feel tired, plus simple lifestyle tweaks that will put the pep back in your step.
1. You skip exercise when you’re tired.
Skipping your workout to save energy actually works against you. In a University of Georgia study, sedentary but otherwise healthy adults who began exercising lightly three days a week for as little as 20 minutes at a time, reported feeling less fatigued and more energized after six weeks. Regular exercise boosts strength and endurance, helps make your cardiovascular system run more efficiently, and delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. So next time you’re tempted to crash on the couch, at least go for a brisk walk—you won’t regret it.

2. You don’t drink enough water.
Being even slightly dehydrated—as little as 2% of normal fluid loss—takes a toll on energy levels, says Amy Goodson, RD, a dietitian for Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine. Dehydration causes a reduction in blood volume, explains Goodson, which makes the blood thicker. This requires your heart to pump less efficiently, reducing the speed at which oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles and organs. To calculate your normal fluid needs, take your weight in pounds, divide in half and drink that number of ounces of fluid a day, Goodson recommends.

3. You’re not consuming enough iron.
An iron deficiency can leave you feeling sluggish, irritable, weak, and unable to focus. “It makes you tired because less oxygen travels to the muscles and cells,” says Goodson. Boost your iron intake to reduce your risk of anemia: load up on lean beef, kidney beans, tofu, eggs (including the yolk), dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, and peanut butter, and pair them with foods high in vitamin C (vitamin C improves iron absorption when eaten together), suggests Goodson. Note: an iron deficiency may be due to an underlying health problem, so if you’re experiencing these symptoms of iron deficiency, you should visit your doc.
4. You’re a perfectionist.
Striving to be perfect—which, let’s face it, is impossible—makes you work much harder and longer than necessary, says Irene S. Levine, PhD, professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine.
“You set goals that are so unrealistic that they are difficult or impossible to achieve, and in the end, there is no sense of self-satisfaction.” Levine recommends setting a time limit for yourself on your projects, and taking care to obey it. In time, you’ll realize that the extra time you were taking wasn’t actually improving your work.

5. You make mountains out of molehills.
If you assume that you’re about to get fired when your boss calls you into an unexpected meeting, or you’re too afraid to ride your bike because you worry you’ll get into an accident, then you’re guilty of “catastrophizing,” or expecting that the worst-case scenario will always occur. This anxiety can paralyze you and make you mentally exhausted, says Levine. When you catch yourself having these thoughts, take a deep breath and ask yourself how likely it is that the worst really will happen. Getting outdoors, meditating, exercising, or sharing your concerns with a friend may help you better cope and become more realistic.

6. You skip breakfast.
The food you eat fuels your body, and when you sleep, your body continues using what you consumed at dinner the night before to keep your blood pumping and oxygen flowing. So, when you wake up in the morning, you need to refuel with breakfast. Skip it, and you’ll feel sluggish. “Eating breakfast is like starting a fire in your body by kickstarting your metabolism,” Goodson says. Goodson recommends a breakfast that includes whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fat. Good examples include oatmeal with protein powder and a dab of peanut butter; a smoothie made with fruit, protein powder, low-fat milk, and almond butter; or eggs with two slices of whole-wheat toast and low-fat Greek yogurt.

7. You live on junk food.
Foods loaded with sugar and simple carbs (like the ones you’ll find in a box or at the drive-thru window) rank high on the glycemic index (GI), an indicator of how rapidly carbohydrates increase blood sugar. Constant blood sugar spikes followed by sharp drops cause fatigue over the course of the day, says Goodson. Keep blood sugar steady by having a lean protein along with a whole grain at every meal, says Goodson. Good choices include chicken (baked, not fried) and brown rice, salmon and sweet potato, or salad with chicken and fruit.

8. You have trouble saying ‘no’
People-pleasing often comes at the expense of your own energy and happiness. To make matters worse, it can make you resentful and angry over time. So whether it’s your kid’s coach asking you to bake cookies for her soccer team or your boss seeing if you can work on a Saturday, you don’t have to say yes. Train yourself to say ‘no’ out loud, suggests Susan Albers, a licensed clinical psychologist with Cleveland Clinic and author of Eat.Q.: Unlock the Weight-Loss Power of Emotional Intelligence.
“Try it alone in your car,” she says. “Hearing yourself say the word aloud makes it easier to say it when the next opportunity calls for it.”

9. You have a messy office.
A cluttered desk mentally exhausts you by restricting your ability to focus and limits your brain’s ability to process information, according to a Princeton University study. “At the end of each day, make sure your work and personal items are organized and put away,” suggests Lombardo. “It will help you have a positive start to your day the next morning.” If your office needs major reorganizing, avoid becoming totally overwhelmed by taking it one step at a time: start by tidying what you can see, then move through your desk and cabinets drawer by drawer.

10. You work through vacation
Checking your email when you should be relaxing by the pool puts you at risk of burnout, says Lombardo. Unplugging and allowing yourself to truly unwind allows your mind and body to rejuvenate and return to the office stronger. “When you truly take breaks, you will be more creative, productive, and effective when you return,” says Lombardo.