This past week has been full of highs and lows for Tyga. In the span of five days, it’s been reported that the rapper’s Maybach and Ferrari were repossessed after he failed to make his monthly car payments.
Though sources claim Tyga has not seen the Maybach since it broke down earlier this summer, he has reportedly reunited with the Ferarri. You remember: The one that was taken while he was shopping for a new Bentley with Kylie Jenner. Yeah, that one. Well, according to TMZ, the ride was returned to Tyga this weekend; however, you’ll never believe understand the story on how it all went down.
No bear with us, because there’s a lot to unpack here. TMZ reports that an unnamed man agreed to lease the Ferrari, but because the vehicle is so rare, the dealership required him to purchase another car as a part of the deal. The “other car,” however, would not be available for another six months, so the man agreed to let Tyga take the Ferrari and make its lease payments until the other vehicle was ready; at that time, Tyga would return the car to the man. Confused yet? Well, get ready because it gets even more complicated.
“The guy who leased the car relied on another guy who relied on another guy to make the down payment, but the middle man kept the cash,” TMZ reported. “The Ferrari dealership put heat on the guy who signed the lease, who then demanded the down payment from Tyga. Tyga supposedly then paid the down payment to the middle man, but the money never got to the dealership.”
The dude who signed the lease reportedly became upset that the down payment was never paid, which led him to track Tyga and Kylie down and repossess the car himself. Sources told TMZ that Tyga’s lawyer has since threatened to take legal action against the man if he didn’t return the Ferrari to the rapper, so the man did as he was told.
If you’re still scratching your head, don’t worry. Just know Tyga got his whip back.

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