Obafemi Olopade Covers ThisDay Style Magazine August Issue

Thisday Magazine Chief Obafemi Olopade Issue-shaidysworld

Chief Obafemi Olopade is one of Nigeria’s most distinguished personalities. A Structural Engineer by training, Olopade runs a chain of business ventures. Notable among some of his close friends are former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Asiwaju Alex Duduyemi, Chief John West and many others.
Obafemi-Olopade -shaidysworldAgeless, debonair and quick on his feet, Chief Jonathan Adio Obafemi Olopade celebrated his 90th birthday on the 31st of July and this weekend he was on the cover of ThisDay Style magazine.

According to the magazine, “When meeting Obafemi Olopade, one is struck by the air of youth, which belies his actual age” and “men like him are not made anymore”.
Thisday Magazine-shaidysworldChief Olopade father of 15 is set to launch a book soon to celebrate life at 90. The book is titled “Yoruba for Every Season and Citizen”.