A lot of disorders arise from not eating right and a good number of them don’t even manifest until they have caused a lot of damages. Eating right, not only help you stay healthy, it helps you psychologically and financially. Financially? Yes, as you are about to find out in this article. How Do You Know You Are Eating Right?

Observe and listen to the subtle messages sent to you by your body. Whether our body is healthy or not, we get messages from our body but often times, we don’t listen. Likewise, if we are eating right or not eating right, we get messages from our body too.
Here are five key signs to know you are eating right;

1. On Top Of Your Game All Day
Eating right gives you energy and makes you stay mentally active all-day. This is a fact and I have found this to be true by observing myself and other people in my workplace too. It is one of the reasons you should not  miss your breakfast ever again. You have enough energy throughout the day if your diet is fulfilling your needs and work requirements. Too much coffee consumption too can be implicated in this as you can have a crash or breakdown of energy towards the middle of or later on the day.

2.  You Sleep Well At Night
A lot of things, including diet can keep you awake or make you have sleeps in which you wake up frequently. When you have these kind of nights, you wake up tired in the morning. When you don’t sleep well at night, a lot of things can cause this but a good way to start checking is your diet. What kind of food do you eat in the day and towards bedtime? What is the space between the time you eat and time you go to bed? These are good questions to ask?

3. You Don’t Have Mood Swings
Yes, when you have even mood, then you can be sure you are eating right. Although, mood swings can be caused by other factors, when you have even mood, you are eating right. Having said this, when you have mood swings or anxiety and have eliminated other possibilities, or starting to check what the possibilities are, you may want to check your diet. Too much of foods such as sugar, alcohol, caffeinated coffee, etc., can cause mood swings and anxiety.

4. Always Well Hydrated
Dehydration usually results from drinking too little water in a day, thereby causing thirst, dry lips, and dry skin. Other factors that could result in dehydration include drinking too much caffeine and alcohol. Totally avoiding them is what I usually advise.

5 . You go to the toilet everyday
Not literally as stated in the title because people go to the toilet to smoke sometimes. Going to the toilet here means you actually go to the toilet to do what the toilet is designed for.
This is avery good sign you are eating right and including the right amount of fibers in your diet, they turn your bowel often and make you go do the dump.

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that eating right saves you money and yes, it is true. You are not eating right if you eat at restaurants and eateries. These foods have been implicated in a lot of conditions and food poisoning cases. Cooking at home will not only give you quality and safe food but also saves you more money.

There are some other factors or signs that you can actually look out for in order to know if you are eating right, these are just some of the ones you can easily notice.


Folasade Olatunji, an award winning Radio/Television Presenter, Red Carpet Host, Model and Blogger who started her career with Tv3 Nigeria, operated by Disc Communication Company as a Presnter in 2006, is a Native of Ogun State, born and breed in Lagos, studied Business Administration at the Fedral Polytecnic Ilaro and recieved Diploma in Presentation at the Pencil Film Institute (PEFTI).

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