Ariana Grande Releases Third Perfume Product

Ariana Grande Sweet Little Candy Perfume-shaidysworld

American singer and actress Ariana Grande has announced the release of her new fragrance product, “Sweet Like Candy.”

“Sweet Like Candy” is Ariana Grande’s third perfume product after the release of “Ari” and “Frankie,” which was branded after her step-brother,Frankie Grande.

According to the description of “Sweet Like Candy,” it is designed in the shape of a precious jewel and a matte pink colour with a fluffy pom pom attached to it, similar to “Ari”.

“Playful at heart wrapped in decadent desire. Inspired by Ariana Grande’s seductively sweet, fun and sexy personality, unlock your most delightful daydream, flirt with the delicious possibilities and find yourself tickled pink with temptation.”

The scent is “a luscious burst of sugar-frosted blackberry and juicy Italian bergamot sparkle with delicious addiction, while velvety layers of creme de cassis, fluffy marsh mallow and sexy vanilla blend together to leave a sexy trail.”

“ Sweet Like Candy ” is available in three sizes of an Eau de Parfum Spray as well as a roller ball.