I cannot emphasise how much ladies wished men knew these things, even the best of men fail to understand some of ladies’ basic needs. These things are no big deal but life would be so much better if men knew them.

1. Don’t pretend to listen
Don’t just pretend to listen to what we have to say. We talk to you because we trust you and sometimes we just need moral and emotional support. It’s very disappointing when we are fretting about something and you have nothing to say except, ‘huh’ indulge in the conversation it makes us feel loved and special.

2. Pamper us when we are sick
Please make us feel cared for when we are sick. We know that you are very concerned when you say, ‘take your medicines and go to sleep, I’ll handle everything else’ but that’s just not enough, we need your attention. Treat us like a little baby when we not well.

3. Hear her out
We understand that you guys have though job and it’s hard to be all charged up when you get home after a tiring day. The thing is we have been working all day long too and we love you and there is no one in the world we would rather talk too. Us, women, need to vent out so please, listen to what we have to say. It would mean so much to us.

4. Help out in the house
Yes we know you have a job but we get tired of going through the same routine over and over again. Help us out around the house once a week; on weekends we really need a break!

5. Run errands
Help us run errands, don’t be selfish. Throw the trash out, pick up groceries, drop the children to school the list goes on. Just help us out a bit, trust me if you had to manage a job and a house you would appreciate us a whole lot more!

6. Share the load
Let us help you out, morally, financially and emotionally. Let us support you, there is no shame in asking your partner for help when you need it.

7. Don’t be a baby
You know you will always be our baby, but don’t be a baby all the time. Most of the time, we need aman. A fully functional grown man, who can take his own decisions and has the strength to take initiative, you know we will always be there to spoil you

8. Surprise us
Some times, just some times, do something amazing and surprise us. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it about the thought you put into bring a smile on our face.

9. Don’t lie
Sh*t on the bed sheet and tell us, we can live with that, but don’t lie. Not only is it extremely immoral to tell lies. It makes us question the status of our relationship with you. It makes us feel guilty fro not giving you enough space and damages the bond of trust we share with you, so don’t just don’t lie.

10. Don’t think we are stupid
We are not stupid, just because we are women things are no different. Honestly, we deal with much more than you guys do. So respect us and our decisions.

11. Don’t sleep on the living room couch
You are heavy and it’s hard to wake you up once you are asleep and impossible to physically move you. We need our teddy bear to hug us and make us feel protected every night. It’s the best feeling in the world.

12. Leave space on the bed
Leave some space in the bed for us, we exist too you know. Sometimes we seriously consider pushing you off the bed.


Folasade Olatunji, an award winning Radio/Television Presenter, Red Carpet Host, Model and Blogger who started her career with Tv3 Nigeria, operated by Disc Communication Company as a Presnter in 2006, is a Native of Ogun State, born and breed in Lagos, studied Business Administration at the Fedral Polytecnic Ilaro and recieved Diploma in Presentation at the Pencil Film Institute (PEFTI).

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