Shocking Review On How OJB Jezreel Really Died

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The talented producer died during the week due to kidney failure and the  grief has been pouring out from those who really knew him.

It was learnt reliably that on Monday,  June 13, OJB had just played with the  kids and wife, Mabel, a.k.a. Mama J  till about 10pm before the family went to bed. But by 3am, an excruciating  pain had overwhelmed him.

He groaned nearly helplessly but his  wife prevailed on him to endure till  6am when they would rush to  Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos,  one of the best dialysis centres in the  city and where he was always treated.

He cried all through the night and  when it was about 6am, Mabel’s  younger brother had joined the family  to drive the couple to the hospital. He was in his boxers and Mabel had to  rush to put a shirt on him.

By that time, he could barely mutter  anything. But unfortunately, the doctors’ industrial strike had begun  on Monday, June 13, so he would be  unable to get anyone to attend to his emergency case.

But Mabel had reached out to another doctor in Isolo. Right there in the Infini SUV (one of the automobiles he  gave her) which moved towards Isolo,  Mabel screamed into his ears, “you’re behaving as if you don’t want to  return home with me and you know the kids know that I  would always bring you back home  after treatment. If you don’t come  back with me, what would I tell  them?” His body was frail and heavy  as he leaned on her. He couldn’t  answer.

Alas, Mabel noticed his weight had  changed. He had become heavier.  Before they could get to the hospital,  he gave up the ghost. As at when he  died, he had emptied his bank  account paying for dialysis which cost  N35,000 daily and technically, he  died broke.


After the successful transplant, he  was supposed to return to India for a  checkup a year after but we gathered  from reliable source that he couldn’t  go for want of money. Sadly, our  source also insists that for about 10  months he couldn’t afford his drugs or any other treatment for that matter.  But along the line, he got some  reasonable money and resumed his  dialysis. But his condition was already deteriorating because of the 10-month break