Rob Will Crawl Back Crawling, Khloe Kardashian Boasts And Won’t Be Attending His Wedding

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In the latest episode of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Khloe Kardashian and the other family members discussed Rob and Blac’s engagement and how he excluded his family from so many things in his life.

Kim Kardashian spoke up about Rob and Chyna’s romance which she dubbed “embarrassing” for the family. “He must legitimately hate our whole family,” the mother of  two said.

While the rest of the family members slammed Rob and Chyna for their secret engagement, Kylie Jenner’s on-/off-beau Tyga suggested to give the pair a break.

“The best thing is to sit back and just let them be, everything you’re going through I’ve gone through worse with her. She’s not a bad person” he said.

Khloe then angrily said, “Why was he able to propose in front of her whole family but not us? I feel like Rob is deliberately excluding us from so many things and he almost likes this wedge being put between us all,” adding that Rob would “come back crawling” when he needed something because he’s “full of bulls**t.”

Khloe also said that she would never attend Rob’s wedding. Kourtney Kardashian then fired back, “But how many weddings have we been to in this family and they don’t mean s**t so let’s all get over it!”

Khloe wasn’t the only one who’s sick with Rob’s behaviour. Kris Jenner vented her anger to her friend when she was on a vacation in Vail, Colorado with the rest of the family.

“ I’m not going to call him, he should have called me, To hear Rob got engaged through social media is a bit disappointing to say the least ” .  Kris said.