We ectomorphs have been truly blessed by God. We can fit into tiny spaces, dancing comes naturally and the most fun fact of all…, we can actually eat like an ogre and not gain any weight. Who’s to blame? Our crazy super-fast metabolism or nature?

It’s quite annoying when many people think we are anorexic or starving, many of us have been called skinny so much that we have incorporated it as a name. If you still can’t decide if it’s a blessing or a curse, shut off that thought for a while, here are the major skinny people problems;

1. People (especially parents) are always asking if you’re eating properly.

2. Whenever you go home, your mum is constantly trying to make you eat

3. You still wear your high school bra

4. You buy the smallest adult sizes of clothes

5. Family friends are always asking your parents if you’re ill

6. Being Skinny makes your feet look long

7. People are always picking on you and testing their strength on you

8. You sign up for a gym, you exercise your life out, yet you only lose more weight.

9.  Inability to freely take off your shirt when at the beach.

10. For some reason, being skinny makes you less graceful when it comes to dancing

11. Most clothes meant to bring out curves, don’t fit properly.

12. People tend to see you as incapable of handling stressful things

13. You’re always being labeled with names like thread, broom stick, tooth pick etc.

14. The time taken to put on and pull off your skinny trousers is exhausting.

15. Your wrist watch and bracelet need super adjustment because you’re skinny.

16. You definitely have to make extra holes in almost every belt you wear.

17. Clothes can be a nightmare. You find trousers with the right waist, but the length is always a few inches short. You probably will have to visit the tailor to readjust all your clothes (can’t say about underwear though).

18. Just because of your size, you’re always being asked to squeeze through gaps that other people can’t get in.

19. Lacking natural insulation means you’re always cold, which is really annoying but not as annoying as people pointing out how skinny you are.

20. When it comes to food, it’s always a dilemma between being served too little because people think you don’t eat much or being served too much because they think you need to eat.


Folasade Olatunji, an award winning Radio/Television Presenter, Red Carpet Host, Model and Blogger who started her career with Tv3 Nigeria, operated by Disc Communication Company as a Presnter in 2006, is a Native of Ogun State, born and breed in Lagos, studied Business Administration at the Fedral Polytecnic Ilaro and recieved Diploma in Presentation at the Pencil Film Institute (PEFTI).

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