It’s a mistake we’ve all made at some point: As soon as you step out of the shower or salon you reach for your terrycloth towel and dry off, starting with your sopping wet hair. But the friction caused by rubbing the fabric against your strands could be doing more harm than good, Find out why this move is a major no-no and how you can rectify it.
When hair is wet, it’s in a more fragile state and prone to breakage. Instead of rubbing hair with a towel, which actually roughs up the cuticle and causes unwanted frizz, invest in a super-absorbent microfiber towel or use a cotton T-shirt to gently absorb excess water from hair.”

Rubbing your hair dry with a regular old bath towel is a fast track to frizzy … regular terrycloth “hair turbans” get soaking wet almost instantly and …

These fancy new towels are most definitely not meant for drying hair. I’m of the opinion that NO bath towel is good enough for your precious hair. Rubbing your hair dry with a regular old bath towel is a fast track to frizzy, damaged hair — as the terrycloth texture causes friction and roughs up your hair cuticles, which = frizz.
Plus, if you are a gal who likes to put her hair up while she gets ready and does her makeup, the weight of a regular old bath towel on your head can cause breakage around the roots — resulting in all those super short hairs you get around your hairline. (A regular old bath towel is also way too heavy to stay securely on your head, and is constantly slipping down as you go about your morning business. #Tragedy.)


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