(Personal Development) 13 Things That Could Hinder You From Being Successful

Things That Could Hinder You From Being Successful-shaidysworld.com

Life is full of choices and as long as you are in charge of your life, the choices you make should affect you positively. A positive mind and attitude can take you to places you never dreamed possible.
If you want to succeed in life, you shouldn’t allow certain factors hinder you , no matter how uncertain the future looks like.

Here’s a list of certain factors that can stop you from being successful:
*Sense of entitlement: Not everybody has super-rich parents or a family tree charting back to William the Conqueror and 1066 AD. You may think you’re way smarter or talented than everybody else, but until you’ve proven yourself, a sense of entitlement just gets in the way of your success.
* Idleness: Read the autobiography of any truly successful person in the world and you’ll find they worked their socks off to get where they are today. If you’re naturally lazy, just admit it, but then stop complaining about your lack of success and wealth.
* Action speaks louder than analysis: Endlessly analysing your situation won’t get you the bank balance and lifestyle you’re dreaming of. Stop analysing and start turning your aspirations into reality.
* Fear of change: Everybody is afraid of change – that’s human nature. Maybe you’ll fall flat on your face at the first attempt and look like a fool. So what?! Don’t let the fear of failure, discomfort or embarrassment stop you. Just think what your family and friends will say when you finally turn up in that luxury limousine!
* Negative outlook on life: You may not have noticed that the people around you are soul-sucking fiends with a negative outlook on life that stops you from forging ahead. Ditch them and seek the company of life-embracing chums with a positive outlook on life that will inspire
* No star appeal: So you’re not successful and rich yet because you’re not pretty enough? Your ankles are fat? Or you lack the voice to make others swoon? Nothing but excuses! Ignore the hype about X-factors and star appeal. Find your niche, the thing you love doing and are really good at. Now shine in that niche, fat ankles and all!
* Addiction to social media: No wonder you’re not a millionaire yet; you’re spending 50% of your waking hours on social media sites. Ditch the addiction to tweet every miniscule event in your life and start talking and meeting with REAL people to further your career.
* Thinking too small: To make it big you mustn’t think small. Aim to be a leader, not a follower !
* Lack of confidence: So what if a teacher said you suck at literature or your neighbors said you’ll never amount to much? Ignore society’s gripes and have a little faith in your abilities. Successful people believe in themselves before anybody else does.
* Disinclination: You like dreaming of riches and success but deep down you feel it’s not really the thing for you. Rubbish! It’s just another excuse your brain has dreamed up because it’s easier than dealing with fear of change. Changing your life for the better feels amazing, so get on with it!
* Blaming others: “They” are responsible for your lack of success. How many people have used that old chestnut to explain away their lack of ambition, drive and imagination? There’s no such thing as a secret society setting you up for failure, or dastardly villains controlling your every move or FATE throwing you off course. It’s just another excuse put forward by the weak and lazy.
* Letting time slip through your fingers: Admit it, you’re a time waster. You spend more time talking about future success than actually putting wheels in motion to get there. If you’re so content being
unproductive, why not continue wallowing in obscurity?!
* Lack of goals: You’re merely bumbling along without any plan or setting achievable goals. Face it, you’re merely standing still, treading water, without getting anywhere. Set a goal, get going and
stick with it!