I Want To Date A Guy Who Would Treat Me Like A Normal Woman – Caitlyn Jenner

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When Caitlyn Jenner transitioned into a woman, she wasn’t exactly sure of her sexuality and whether she’d be interested in women or men.

She was rumoured to have had a relationship with a fellow transgender actress, but now the 65-year-old ‘I Am Cait’ star says she isinterested in having a ‘normal relationship’ with a man.

Caitlyn Jenner confides in her friend, Jennifer Finney Boylan about the idea of dating a man in a new clip from ‘I Am Cait’.
Cait says – “It would be very attractive to me, to have a guy treat me like a woman. That you would be treated like a normal woman, like any other woman on the street. Not make it this big trans thing or this or that. Just a normal relationship.”